Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seven Gates of Hell -- Bedford

All items kindly contributed by Eli Bishop:
  • "Since I moved here in high school, there has always been a tale of the 7 gates. I can find small bits of it on the internet, but can't find a reliable location, other than it is in the Roanoke / Vinton area (which technically turns into the Bedford area heading towards the lake), and that there are 7 gates that you can't make it through. I believe at the 5th gate your electricity goes out in phones and cars and you have to try and go on foot. People in robes either stop you or scare you before you can get through the last gate. I have known a few people who have related experiences, but all of their stories sounded just like the repeated one, that you have to turn back at the 5th gate because of car trouble. Many people also state that they were too scared to go past the 1st-5th gates and left. I would like to find a reliable location for the gates to observe it on Google maps and then go document it with photographs."
    -- Eli Bishop

  • Seven Gates of Hell on

    "I have been there. I am from roanoke, va. im 21 now i went back when i was a student at william byrd high school probably 17-18 at the time it is franklin county not bedford the farthest i hvae gone is only past the second gate because i mindBAD_WORD my self out of it because of what i have heard. As far as why you cant get past the 5th gate, technically you can the 7 gates of hell is meant to be driven through but once you get to the 5th gate all electronic devices including your car cell phone watches anything of the sort go down its like there is a forcefield that completely jams any electronic equipment you may have on you the wierdest part is that if you park outside the 5th gate your car will start and run fine once crossing it though everything shuts off and you are forced to push you vehicle out of the "force field" to start it again i have heard many stories around here about dogs which has also been coroborated on other online sources as well as the fact that there is a house at the end of the gates but people swear that it has residents ive heard stories of people being shot at chased ive heard stories of childrens voices in the woods empty noose's hangin from trees in the woods a woman screaming trees that appear to have blood stained bark lots of crazy stuff i have a new girlfriend now thats very into the paranormal and we plan on visiting sometime soon would like to go out there with a professional ghost hunter though i think what would be amazing i can lead anyone right to the gates."

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